Protect, organize and dry your brushes.

Keep your brushes in like-new shape!

Discard those dirty old coffee cans that can ruin your best brushes. Masterson’s Sta-New™ Brush Holder lets your brushes dry the best way possible - bristles down. It keeps them separated and arranged neatly and easily mounts to easel, wall, workbench or counter.

Product #: 1135 - $24.95 US

With the Fresh Water Rinse Well, you can have fresh water at your fingertips without the clutter and inconvenience of multiple rinse containers or constant trips to the sink. That means you're free to concentrate on your work instead of worrying about your supplies.

The Rinse Well consists of a plastic bottle that holds 28 ounces of fresh water, a durable plastic base with a well in the center for brush cleaning and a reservoir to hold the used water. Simply pressing the button at the front of the Rinse Well drains the used water into the storage base and automatically refills the well with a clean supply.

Whether you use watercolors or acrylic paints, do photo retouching or crafts, the Fresh Water Rinse Well gives you more time and space to work. The Fresh Water Rinse Well puts fresh water at your fingertips so you're free to paint. And that's a refreshing alternative.

Product #: 4100.0 - $17.95 US

Spare Bottle with Flat Cap

Product #: 4108.0 - $4.00 US

No more crimped, cracked or leaky tubes of Paint
Save Paint
24 keys per package
3 sizes per package fit all paint tubes
Assorted sizes in each package

Product #: 103.0 - $5.25 US

These handy disposable cups are ideal for mixing and storage of all water based paints. Tight fitting lids prevent spills.

20 cups and lids. Capacity per cup is 3/4 oz.

Product #: 912.3 - $4.50 US

Manufactured from the highest quality resins these dripless containers are specially designed for storage of paints and mediums of all kinds including solvents such as turpentine, which can break down other containers.

1 1/2” in diameter and 3/4 inches deep they will fit all Masterson palettes. Capacity per cup is 1/2 oz.

Product #: 912.4 - Solvent Cups - $6.25 US